Speak4YaWear Clothing
The Voice of Urban Culture
The crash of the economy in the last quarter of 2008 came as sudden as a heart attack shaking many businesses, industries, communities, families but most important the urban dweller to their very core. For many who had worked for companies for decades were suddenly unemployed, for those who had invested rigorously suddenly found their investments and assets lost, but for that man or woman who was just trying to claw their way from poverty and despair they were at the edge of homelessness and without a shred of hope. All too often the media loves to showcase the negative nuances and events that occur in many cities but it is here where culture is defined, nurtured and rediscovered. Until recently, hope was just a word many had forgotten or the idea of it stricken from their grasp.

Speak4YaWear, a voice for the urban dweller, the fallen man or woman or simply those with a dream to one day rise from their life of struggle represents that seed of hope. Each design often accompanied with a message to shine light on the "true" character of urban culture, resides right in the heart of Chicago. It's mission is that with each garment sold, it will help people re-establish what it means to LIVE. Life always no matter where you stand in the balance has a way of turning your life on its side, but for everyone out there to remember when we are knocked down, we must get up.


Often with design identity, the source of inspiration stems from the creative brief or client suggestion. In this case the inspiration for this project fell on a personal experience and connection with the brand idea. I had two initial issues to solve. 

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