Stuffies started out as just an idea, then there was a mission, and shortly there after the first Stuffies was born. Cuddly, cute and created with 7 unique secrets.
As with anything that comes into creation a story begins to take form. First, there was one, then three, then 8, then 12 and so on. Their mission was to teach kids again how to create friendships and have fun. And so it started, their adventure began, storybooks, accessories were created to help spread their message. A new trend had begun in the plush toy category and as such, a catchy jingle ("How much Stuff Can You Stuff In A Stuffie till Your Stuffie has Stuffed Enough Stuff") pushed these new furry animals into toy stardom!
A unique situation this new sensation had become, they had an enormous amount of attention but not a solidified brand or brand message. No visual language was established and in late of 2012, this band of furry Friendster's was starting to simmer down in the public's eye. Something had to be done to help re-establish the brand!
My mission was to help establish a brand story and new brand message. Create a simple visual language that supports their mantra of friendship and fun. Using the only thing I had to work with other than the original logo and current product line, I was able to define a cohesive library of content that resonated with millions through a Total Solution™ process. Print, Interactive, Social, Retail, TradeShow, Direct response, and OOH.
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